It is at least 20 miles. But it might feel like 50. The exact distance will be announced as we reveal more of the route, but you should be prepared for no less than 22 miles with significant ascent and descent, some very steep terrain, possibly strong winds and some very salty sea air. This is a full day’s outing on rugged ground with the sea never far away and in multiple occasions, you will be in it too. Expect hand on rock scrambling, jumps, short swims and a solid outing in the legs on the run. A standard road-run this ain’t.
Well, you should be prepared for a long day on your feet. Certainly you should be able to comfortably complete a half marathon and you should practise being on off-road terrain, whether that’s hiking, or running. BUT, this event is not designed solely for whippet-y fell runners. It is a unique proposition. Being way-marked (which means no map and compass required) this allows you to concentrate on the task at hand – which is covering the distance, looking after your nutrition and making sure you are comfortable – good footwear and the right clothing to put on if the weather turns a bit iffy. It is summer but it can get windy and that sea air can take it out of you, too. This is a step-up for 10k road runners but it’s achievable and is built to be so.
Kind of. But the obstacles are largely provided by Mother Nature and consist of sea-based challenges and shore-based activity such as scrambling and some jumps into water. You could say that we have taken the concept of obstacle-based runs and put it into the wild places of Britain. The concept is to provide a solid running challenge that links up a few obstacle encounters: These will be exhilarating and largely provided by the landscape, as opposed to being built. Think jumping, swimming (very short sections and with the use of buoyancy aids and safety cover), scrambling and possibly the use of some ropes. We might throw one or two man-made obstacles at you but these too will be “built into” the landscape.
Registration will be based in Penzance, which is around 5 to 10 miles from the Start and the Finish venues, between them both. It is accessed from the mainline railway network as well as from the main Cornwall A30 trunk road. Registration is on Friday 3rd July ONLY, from approximately 2pm until approximately 10pm (final times will be confirmed). Saturday race day registration will not be possible.
A shuttle service will be available via taxi after the event, from Lands End to Penzance Train Station (this will be £7 per person) and from Lands End to St Just Town Square (£5 per person). These will leave every 20/30 minutes depending on demand.

The shuttle tickets will be made available to buy at registration, but can be pre-order via the email address laura@pztaxi.com and paid for on the day in cash. Alternative destinations are available and can be pre-booked in advance or requested on the day. If you have any questions about destinations you can contact Penzance Taxis via email on laura@pztaxi.com

The event course goes from St Michael’s Mount (Marazion Beach) to Land’s End. The registration venue is at Penzance. The nearest airport is Newquay, served from London, UK regional airports and some European destinations. It is 45 mins drive to Penzance from Newquay airport. The mainline train from London and from stations across Britain terminates at Penzance. Journey time from London by train is 5h45m and there are up to 12 trains/ day from London Paddington and connecting stations via Reading, Bristol and Exeter. The A30 dual-carriageway goes to Penzance and connects to the motorway network via the M5 through the South West and to the North and M4 towards London. Road journey time to Penzance is 3h15m from Bristol and 5h00m from London.
On race day we will be providing a pre-event bus transfer from the finish line venue at Land’s End where we offer pre and post event camping. This service will cost £12.50. Buses are allocated against demand and must be pre-booked when you enter or through your account login in the ‘add products’ section. The bus will leave Land’s End Saturday morning with buses leaving at 7am and 8am. Those in early waves should aim for the early bus to ensure there in good time, while those in the later waves should book the 8am service so they are not waiting around at the start line too long. You can also drive to the Start and park at St Michael’s Mount where a parking charge will apply payable to the land owner. Precise details will be updated here once confirmed. If you leave your car at the start line you will need to plan your own transport to collect it.
Race entry includes a finishers medal and a standard Rat Race tech tee, sizes are available on a first come first served basis at Registration. Specific event tees are available to purchase online and in the Rat Race store at the event while stocks last.
The event starts at St Michael’s Mount (on the mainland at Marazion). It finishes at Land’s End.
Land’s End is 14 miles by road from Marazion (St Michael’s Mount). Penzance, where Registration is located, is situated equidistant between the 2 locations. 
Yes absolutely. We have a cracking camp-site at the finish line and offer camping on the Friday and Saturday nights, with camper van, park and pitch and glamping options, plus bar, food and other services. Your supporters are most welcome and there will be ample opportunity for them to see you in action on course, too. Plus with our satellite tracking supporters near and far will be able to follow your progress on their smartphones (phone signal permitting). Our cheery marshals on the course will hold specific information regarding their own roles but will unlikely have lots of general information for supporters. We ask that you ensure your supporters have read all the event information and that they follow our advice in order we maintain a safe environment for everyone. Cornwall is an amazing destination in the summer and we would encourage you to make a trip of it with family or friends. Click HERE for an overview of things to do in the local area.

Good question. You need to be ready to do at least 20 miles on foot in rugged coastal terrain. That means sturdy off-road footwear, possibly some good waterproofs with taped seams (if the weather is looking rough we may make these mandatory), gloves, headwear and plenty to eat and drink. We’ll release a mandatory kit list prior to the event that you must carry for your safety. This mandatory kit must be offered for inspection at registration before you are allowed to complete registration. Based on weather conditions, we may insist on more mandatory kit too, nearer the time, such as waterproofs. We need to make sure you have appropriate equipment for the conditions if you are no longer able to proceed along the run route. But the basic principle here is to dress comfortably, in gear that you know and trust. Spend some time on the trail and try some combinations. We will have some feed stations en route but you should also endeavour to carry fluids and food that suit you. Our feed stations are there to support you; but they won’t provide energy gels and the like, so if you have a favourite Scooby snack or race nutrition solution, you should pack that on your person. The Rat Race Store has some handy kit options for this epic challenge. You do NOT need any watersports gear, such as wetsuits or buoyancy aids. There will be sections where we issue a buoyancy aid which we will supply, although there are no sections where wetsuits are required.

Yes. This is a running event, not a swimming event, but you will certainly get wet, and when it is full immersion we will issue buoyancy aids and have water safety staff on standby. In order to complete the event fully, you must be able to swim. But all of the water sections are short and can be bypassed if you wish. This is not a ‘swim-run’ event where you are transferring from land to water on a regular basis, in wetsuits. Wetsuits are not required and this is predominantly a running event with short (and fun) water sections interspersed.
No. Dogs will not be allowed to accompany runners. While many of us love dogs some runners and crew do not, and they complicate the event management. This event is not suitable for dogs for several reasons and would complicate the event support processes including medical rescue, our sweeper logistics, our pledges to farmers with livestock, hygiene where we are serving food, areas that are busy with traffic.
No. We do not offer refunds but we do offer event transfer vouchers, so you can put your credit to another event. We need 10 clear business days’ notice prior to the event to make these changes plus you will need to pay a £15 or 15% (whichever is greater) cancellation fee. Our pricing structure rewards those that commit furthest in advance and we recommend customers hold the appropriate insurance to cover non-attendance for issues such as illness or travel problems. You can view our transfer policy hereTransfer requests can be made here. You can find full Terms and Conditions here.


Information correct at time of publication and may be subject to change should circumstances alter.

By entering this event you agreed that you have entered in your own name (not nickname) and will bring photographic ID to event Registration to prove your identity. If you cannot prove your identity at that time then you won’t be able to complete race registration and therefore won’t be able to race. You also agreed that in such cases, no refunds will be given or transfers to future events offered.

Participants must be over 18 on the day of the event.